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Make it easier to change the insurance plan to bill and resubmit a claim to the corrected insurance plan.

Allow users to edit an insurance claim in history. Make it easier to change the insurance plan to bill and resubmit a claim to the corrected insurance plan.
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  • Jul 9 2019
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  • Guest commented
    11 Jul 12:38pm

    Yes, right now if we have to delete a claim to update insurance, it also removes tracking history, which is sometimes needed to provide proof of good faith submissions in a timely manner.

  • Kyna Jordan commented
    3 Jun 05:01pm

    Is voting even a help, looks like this has been discussed and being ignored. Looks like you may want to take this serious. If this many people walk might just put a dent in your million dollar company.

  • Cheryl Wilklnson commented
    29 May 03:05pm

    I just spoke to an agent and told her how horrible Dentrix is to listening to its users on how to make our jobs easier and how other companies are so much better. I work with numerous softwares and Dentrix is the worst at this.

  • Guest commented
    7 May 11:59pm

    Came to make this same request! This would make things so much cleaner!

  • Guest commented
    13 Mar 04:27pm

    Make it easier to change ins corrections

  • Ashley Huffer commented
    20 Feb 04:50pm

    This was created 5 years ago, and its still not a feature. Dentrix is my LEAST Fav of all the ones I have used. Its insane it takes so much work just to send a corrected claim. I should not have to print it out and use white out to fix it!

  • Guest commented
    17 Jan 04:25pm

    Not only corrected claims but being able to generate a secondary claim if the secondary was not originally entered when the primary claim was generated.

  • Sharon Weidenbaum commented
    4 Oct, 2023 03:44pm

    Can you please change the program to allow corrected claims to be submitted easily. Furthermore, a claim should not be locked into history as claims are fluid and need to be changed or recreated often after 30 days. It is unreasonable to invalidate a procedure and make adjustments to a patient's ledger just to change the insurance information. Please consider this a high priority as most other dental software and cloud-based programs have done so.

  • Edward Swiderski commented
    28 Sep, 2023 07:25pm

    Yes this would be a huge help!!!!!!!!! Also, allow to delete payments or
    adjustments and to create secondary claims even if the insurance was added
    after the claim was submitted. Usually you have to invalidate and create a
    new primary claim just to add the secondary claim. NOT FUN!!!! Invalidating
    claims to resubmit is really confusing to the patient and makes it look
    like we are billing them out for multiple codes when we can't correct
    errors after month close.

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  • Reynolds Christine commented
    28 Sep, 2023 12:22pm

    Yes this would save on a lot of white out :)

  • Kym Towns commented
    28 Sep, 2023 10:52am

    Yes, Please! This is such a hassle to try to do now!

  • Guest commented
    21 Sep, 2023 06:31pm

    Cant believe this has been in the que since 2019, and hasn't been implemented yet!!!! Please get this ball rolling!

  • Guest commented
    26 Jul, 2023 02:27pm

    Yes, and please keep original insurance plans available

  • Cherie LaMoreux commented
    10 Jul, 2023 04:59pm

    Yes! Eaglesoft did have this capablility. It was awesome. Please, please PLEASE add.

  • Guest commented
    4 May, 2023 02:29pm


  • Guest commented
    16 Oct, 2022 10:06pm

    YESSSS please implement. If I remember correctly Eagle Soft has the ability to do this or used to but it would be nice for Dentrix to have this feature.

  • closer sir commented
    20 Sep, 2022 08:37am

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  • Maggie England commented
    24 Aug, 2022 06:22pm

    PLEASE IMPLEMENT!!! Open Dental is so much more user friendly with anything regarding tx plan, ledger, & ins. You simply highlight the proc. codes you want to send and as long as there is an ins plan attached that you haven't previously sent these exact procedures on (same date of service), you are allowed to make and send a claim. You are also able to resubmit multiple times to one ins plan as long as it's not already received. Save yourselves the trouble and hire someone from Open Dental :)

  • Chase Elliott commented
    23 Aug, 2022 10:09pm

    You can do this already as long as the claim is open resubmit button!

  • Guest commented
    24 Feb, 2022 02:26pm

    This is a WONDERFUL idea!! Would save a tremendous amount of admin time!

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