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Join Insurance Plans redesign

Join Insurance Plans should be redesigned in a wizard style, similar archiving patients, inactivating providers, and family edits. Display the original (aka source) plan and destination plans in a large, side-by-side view, each using a tall column view similar to what eDex displays when viewing insurance plans. Allow the patient to search for plans using a single search box similar to eDex, that simultaneously searches multiple points of data - plan name, group name, group number, employer name, address, website, etc. The wizard will inform the user of the number of patients attached to each plan, and of open claims are outstanding on the original plan and how these will or will not be changed. Offer a button to open the Batch Insurance Payment window with the "original" plan preselected, if the user wants to quickly access those claims. Optionally, after join is complete, offer to rename the original plan with "(Inactive)" appended to the end of the plan name.

  • Ryan
  • Jul 30 2020
  • Gathering Feedback
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