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List all documents & forms that need to be signed (unsigned Clinical Notes)

A report or module that lists all documents (Document Center, clinical notes, questionnaires, consent forms, etc.) that need to be signed. A signature manager. Have options for all within a date range and other filters. Include a flag to indicate whether or not the document is signed. [160714]
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  • Jul 9 2019
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  • Jul 9, 2019

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    Thank you for your request.
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  • Sylvie Renoir commented
    30 Nov 02:30am

    Can I ask where we are at with this feature? thank you

  • Guest commented
    15 Nov, 2021 09:27pm

    All forms requiring signatures may include:

    Clinical notes
    Treatment consent forms

  • Guest commented
    15 Nov, 2021 08:55pm

    Hello and thank you for your email. Please be advised that our emails have now moved to .com. If you wish to contact All Ages Dental Spa via email, please re-send your email to or call us during business hours at 813-814-4000.

    Best Regards,

    All Ages Dental Spa Team

  • Guest commented
    12 Nov, 2021 06:37pm

    way over due and badly needed!

  • Guest commented
    24 Apr, 2021 06:59pm

    Regarding the report for missing clinic notes (brilliant!, btw), I would just like to add... when developing this application, please keep in mind that some practices have the majority of CDT codes set-up to populate the clinical notes automatically with a standard procedure blurb, type of material, prompts to remind assistants/doctors to ask specific questions, and/or a basic outline to complete per patient visit. Thus, the report for missing clinic notes needs to drill down to patient visits that do not include PERSONALIZED notations/documentation not simply patient visits that are absent of a clinic note.

  • Ginny Penrose commented
    28 Jan, 2021 02:37pm

    I would like to print a report that shows the unsigned chart notes. What I have found so far we are not there.

  • Guest commented
    20 Jan, 2021 04:37pm

    love this!!!!

  • Guest commented
    17 Sep, 2020 01:47pm

    is this a thing yet?

  • Guest commented
    16 Sep, 2020 01:25am

    yes PLEASE, would love some way to show what is signed vs not in a simple glance!

  • Guest commented
    14 Sep, 2020 10:58am

    way overdue

  • Christina Greene commented
    14 Sep, 2020 12:50am

    yes please !

  • Guest commented
    14 Sep, 2020 12:32am

    it’s time Dentrix!

  • Guest commented
    14 Sep, 2020 12:24am

    been waiting 10 years for this feature !!!! Dentrix please add

  • Guest commented
    13 Sep, 2020 07:31pm

    Over 800 votes. Why do we pay for your software!?!?!? Dentrix, get moving.

  • Guest commented
    4 Jul, 2020 03:44pm

    YES there should be “at a glance view” to verify a clinical note is completed on every pt. I like the appt book icon idea on every Appointment changing colors for stages of entry and disappearing when completed . I DONOT “ sign” the clin notes per Dentrix. It is too stifling and stressful to sign my lengthy notes chair side and have to add addendums later. All notes get “closed” monthly .

    Similar to the appointment icon changing color—- my inventive designation for “ chart is signed” - I use a “d”( for done, ready to be filed as in the days of paper charts) on the procedure line of every appt . Then at a glance of each day I see the chart notes are DONE . This is time consuming but keeps me honest and accurate w competed notes .

  • Guest commented
    2 Jul, 2020 09:06pm

    Been waiting for this forever (actually since 2009)!

  • Guest commented
    1 Jul, 2020 06:46pm

    Why hasn’t there been a way to automatically have a cue of unsigned notes that is easy to use. We have only been asking for this for the last 10 years…..?

  • peta cancino commented
    1 Jul, 2020 03:17pm

    YES YES YES!!!! Long overdue and would help tremendously!

  • Guest commented
    1 Jul, 2020 02:08pm

    Love this idea!!!!

  • Guest commented
    1 Jul, 2020 12:16am

    Why am I getting all of these emails.

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