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On 7.3 Update, Dexis attachments aren't functioning properly for claims. Acquired date on xray attachment is auto-changing to today's date. Please Fix.

When attaching a dexis x-ray on version 7.3 (which you must use instead of smart image, as smart image files wont combine and when you check claim status, the xray is not there, there is no NEA number, & claims dept shows "unable to view jpg" error), the system is changing the acquired date of that x-ray to today's date.

This is incorrect. Acquired date is the date the x-ray was acquired/taken. If I'm sending a pre-op x-ray from a few months back on an extraction we performed yesterday, and the system changes it to today's date, it appears to insurance that we did not extract the tooth at all, and that the tooth is still there.

This must be fixed immediately please as it is incorrect, & will cause claim denials & a huge headache for our front desk.

  • Jessica Alexander
  • Oct 20 2020
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