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Referral Attachments

It would be great if we could attach a document center document to the referral like we can attach items when sending a claim with attachments. We we e-mail a referral to a specialist, we scan the Provider's referral slip to the doc. center, export that to the desktop. Then have to go to the image center, export the x-rays to the email and then attach the referral slip. Another option would be like the send referral via web, but have a similar selection that is via e-mail and be able to use the Specialist's preferred referral slip from the doc center. Most of us have secure e-mail so setting this all up with e-services and having to have all of the specialists create accounts is cumbersome. It would also be great to see how that system works and what they see on their side. I can't find any examples of this.

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  • Sep 24 2020
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