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REQUESTING that we can PRINT a claim attachment from the electronic claim while we are in the include attachment area

We need to be able to print attachments on a claim regularly when those claims are not being paid by insurance companies. Because I need to then go into the claim and print the claim and mail them in so then HOPEFULLY, the insurance company will finally pay them. If there is an attachment to the claim specifically the EOB from a primary insurance provider, I need to be able to print it off along with the claim and mail both to the insurance company for payment. These EOBs aren't always saved in the file EVEN IF they are saved, we need an easier way to simply print that attachment then print the claim to mail. THE BEST NEW PROGRAMMING would be to allow us to PRINT BOTH THE CLAIM and ALL ATTACHMENTS AT THE SAME TIME. You could add a prompt with radio buttons to click on the attachments you want to print with the claim. This would make mailing claims and attachments to insurance companies so much easier and faster. We need to look at hundreds of these and get them mailed out quickly for payment when we can see we've seen the electronic file sent over and over again and insurance still hasn't paid the claim.

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  • Jan 23 2023
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