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Coordination of Benefits

When a person has primary and secondary insurance, the estimates are still showing secondary will pay its full percentage; this has not been true for years and is rarely ever the case. Let's say someone's filling cost $100 and primary paid $70 (but should have paid 80% like they state - lol) Anyway, the secondary isn't going to pay 80% anymore - even though that's what the subscriber has paid for. They will likely pay the remaining $10 if, and only if, their filling fee is higher than the primary insurance's. Otherwise, they won't pay at all. The estimate treats both primary and secondary insurances as two separate coverages rather than "coordinating benefits", and it makes patients think they won't owe, when they surely will. Like I said, it's very rare these days for secondary insurance to pay on anything. Thank you!

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  • May 18 2020
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