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Treatment plan needs to auto-update to new or current insurance percentages

We'd like our insurance estimates to be as current and correct as possible, but the treatment plan doesn't update. If there's a crown on last year's insurance plan, it won't estimate the new percentages for the new insurance plan, even after putting all the new ins info on the pt file and then refreshing the tx plan. It should always reflect the current information. You have to manually fix it or take the procedure out and put it back on the tx plan again and you shouldn't do that because it changes the diagnosis date. Please update this. Thank you.

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  • Mar 10 2020
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  • Mar 10, 2020

    Admin response

    Thank you for the recommendation, we are always looking for ways to improve the product. There is a current feature that we recommend you to look at by browsing to our knowledgebase. please see the link and article below.

    Article: 15566

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    10 Mar, 2020 07:41pm

    I will gladly read this. I figured out that a previous updated payment
    plan was overriding the estimate for this patient (insurance is complicated
    on purpose). I run into plans from time to time that I can't figure out
    why the treatment plan didn't auto-update, and it's usually some parameter
    I forgot to change elsewhere, but not on the insurance itself (I'll find it
    in the patient information fee schedule or payment plan area) and I just
    wish the tx plan would be able to auto-update for new insurance changes
    (not across the board or at random).

    *Thank you for your help!MelTri-Cities Dental 817-283-3427*

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