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Groups for "patient alert should display in the following areas"

The patient alert flags are would be helpful if we could create groups. The "select all" button is used apox 98% of the time because there are so many areas that certain flags should display for the clinical staff and admin does not need to know this information (or vise versa).

If we (the offices) could create "GROUPS" within the areas that the flags display. ie: Font desk; Admin; Clinical; etc. then there would only be one button to click & it would automatically attach to all the areas selected for that group.

Allergy Alerts could pop-up for all things clinical (not when posting a payment)

Claim issues/payment issues could pop up for Admin or Front Desk (not when charting clinical notes)

  • Cherie LaMoreux
  • Jun 13 2024
  • Needs review
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