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Just got an update yesterday to - journal now gives 2 options under filters: "by default show entries starting" then a year amount & "entries dated after" then an option for a date. You have to enter a date for the window to close, which gives you the date range you are looking for, but after you close the journal, everything resets again and will only show you letters and current appts. Every other entry is missing. Why is this always a problem when an update comes out?

  • Amy
  • Feb 29 2024
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  • Kirk DentrixUserfor13years commented
    1 Mar 12:25am

    The journal is worse since the updates (so are many other Dentrix modules such as adjustments, appt rooms magically opening up, claim attachments, etc):

    ‣The information in the Journal does not include Type Phone Calls in the view. You have to tweek the Filter to temporarily see the Type.

    ‣The By Default Show Entries Starting does not work anymore, it does not only show the last 3 years for example.

    ‣You cannot save View Filters settings without entering a Entries Dated After.

    ‣Entries Dated After should automatically include /'s when you enter the date.

    ‣Saved journal entries sometimes end up at the bottom of the timeline and is out of order.

  • Guest commented
    29 Feb 10:36pm

    We are having the same issue, only solution we have found is to keep the office journal open and minimized for later use. Wish the default would actually work as intended as having to keep adding the date under view/filters is frustrating

  • Guest commented
    29 Feb 05:57pm

    I'm having issues with journal notes not showing current information (current 2 years) without having to change the date in the filter for every patient. How do I get this show current notes without changing filter date for every pt. Hitting default isn't saving current setting. Thanks