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Allow to create an explosion code. multi code that gives cash price as opposed to usual and customary price

We would like to create an explosion code for implants that includes all codes, but offer a cash price. Right now when you create an explosion code, it only allows you to use the usual and customary /office fee

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  • Jan 2 2024
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  • Dr J commented
    4 Jan 04:37pm

    Something we've done for similar procedures is to create "dot codes".

    For instance D0150.1 which is identical to D0150 but allows you to set a custom fee and, if desired, set it to "Do Not Bill To Insurance". Under other fee schedules, these dot codes can be set to pass through to your UCF schedule, so you only have to set this custom fee once, and later on only have to update it in one place each time.

    In this case, you would have a set of dot codes for each of the implant procedures, and make sure they total up to your desired "Cash Fee".

    We also use "dot codes" when there are different procedures that fall under the same procedure code.