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Changing Image type in Smart Image

Data conversion did not import images correctly by type.

Data conversion did not convert all of my images, either.

We should be able to correct the data conversion image type within the system as we find them.

We also should be able to create a custom template that lets us select what type of image it will go into. I can only find intra-oral xray, intra-oral image and extra-oral image. I need an extraoral xray choice other than using the panoramic default and changing the name.

Very frustrating that we can not utilize the organizational platform dangled in front of us on the tabs.

Make the next upgrade to Smart Image have

1) the capability to identify the folder that the image belongs to even after it is imported or converted

2) make that choice in the Create Custom Procedure as well so they can be imported efficiently in the first place.

3) enable importation using cut/paste so when a screen shot is taken it is importable without having to save it elsewhere to put it in

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  • Dec 29 2023
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