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Global Fee Schedule Changes for Multiple Patients- When eliminating PPO participation

Currently, Article Number 000016055Introduction is what support referred me to even though it isnt the solution or even the problem that was described. Dentrix needs to hired a third party support that's not offshore in the Philippines. Offices spend countless hours attempting to communicate with these support reps who also struggle with comprehension and effective communication. 99.99999% of the time all they can do is refer to the knowledge base, which the client can do themselves. This still doesn't offer the support required.

What our problem/pain point is: Offices who are eliminating participation and have numerous fee schedules entered need a way to reset patients with no longer used fee schedules globally rather than being forced to have to manually pull up the Patient Family File and adjust each patient insurance file one at a time. Not needing to change the fees for multiple schedules globally.

How to be change a group of insurance plan fee schedules simultaneously.


Currently, there is not a way to change multiple insurance plan's fee schedules at the same time.


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  • Jun 13 2023
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    13 Jun, 2023 07:13pm

    There are multiple requests related to this same issue over several years and all responded with "submit a request". So, that's code for "you can request it but it will be ignored".