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In the Billing/Payment Agreement Manager it would be helpful to see a history of all past agreements for the family. I would also be extremely helpful to have multiple family members on payment plans .

Case #02487966

In the Billing/Payment Agreement Manager we are placing a certain patient on a payment plan however the payment is going under the Head of house hold. We would like to be able to place multiple patients that are on a family file on a separate payment plans.

We specifically would like to be able to see the billing agreement history for the family in order to see past agreements even if the head of household has changed.

Additionally, it would be helpful if the billing/payment agreement would automatically continue the payment plan set up originally even if a patient makes additionally payments. For example: patient set ups a payment agreement for a crown in January for $550. They come in again in February and would like to pay for the date of service in February. When adding an additionally payment, the payment goes to the originally payment plan agreement amount and the system stops the payments once the agreed amount is zero. Leaving our account balances off. When additional payments are added to a ledger with a payment plan we have to clear the agreement and start it over again to keep the ledger clean.

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  • Apr 28 2023
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