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appointment type colors

Having all one color for a provider is silly, color makes it quicker to identify a np, srp, rps, fillings etc...I was amazed to learn that other programs had this option but Dentrix did not??? I had always thought of Dentrix as the top of the heap, most user friendly. PLEASE GET THIS GOING ASAP..

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  • Apr 10 2023
  • Future consideration
  • Apr 13, 2023

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    Thank you for posting to Dentrix Ideas! Your idea is under consideration for future development.

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  • Lukin Family Dentistry commented
    17 Apr, 2023 01:40pm

    This is something that Eaglesolt has and it is a wonderful way to easily identify what is happening on the schedule. Why would the provider ever matter as they are scheduled in the provider column!

  • Guest commented
    15 Apr, 2023 04:58pm

    Why hasn't this been implemented yet? There is no doubt it is necessary for higher production.

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  • Kirsten Polete commented
    13 Apr, 2023 03:16pm

    This would also be great for treatment plans as once we have printed and done the tx it disappears and patinets sometimes have questions after treatment regarding the treatment plan we printed and we have nothing to refer to..since we can't see what we had printed and also just to have proof that we provided a tx plan when patients state that they never received one prior to treatment. Open dental is great with these options

  • Anonymous commented
    11 Apr, 2023 01:06pm

    Open Dental has this option and it is WONDERFUL! It makes it so much easier to point out NPs etc for the day! Please do this!