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Allow adult children to be in their own family file but still under the Insurance of a patient who is in a separate family file OR allow the option in billing statements to select individual patient balances/address to print within each family file instead of always do the whole family balance.

  • Currently, all patients under the same insurance are set up in a family file together. Adult children are typically insured by their parents up to age 27, but we see many instances where although the parents carry the adult child on the insurance, the parent wants the adult child to be responsible for their own bills. We have a parent very upset to be getting statements for their adult daughter. So we thought, we'll temporarily change the adult child to the HoH/Guarantor and put her address in, and send a statement to just her. We did that, but it went unpaid, so we switched back and sent to the parent. It's quite a mess to have to manually flip flop these addresses. And also, we are only able to show the total family balance on the statement, so we're typing notes how the total balance is actually divided out amongst the 4 family members.

  • Ideas: (1) It would be nice if there was a way on billing statements to show the balance for only selected family members?

  • Or (2) It would be nice to have a way to have the Insurance holder listed in two separate family files without having to create two patient profiles for that person? We don't want to make a "fake" second profile in our system when these instances arise because it makes a mess in patient counts.

  • We're hoping Dentrix can make an option to have an insurance holder appear in two separate files or to be able to select specific patient balances/addresses to show when printing a billing statement

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  • Mar 22 2023
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