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"Print Receipt" Button Should Allow Selection of Printer Drivers

In a patient's Ledger, when you open up a credit card transaction and you want to reprint the receipt, for whatever reason, you double-click the transaction entry to open the "View or Change Credit Card Payment" window and the button "Print Receipt" is now an option. Clicking this button opens the "Print Receipt" window. When you click the "Print" button, currently this sends the receipt image directly to whichever Print driver is selected as default in Office Mgr. Instead, I think another window should open allowing the user to select which printer driver the receipt image is sent to. This way, if we are reprinting the receipt to send it to the bookkeeper via email, for example, we can choose to "Print To PDF", rather than having to print a paper copy and then scan that to a pdf to attach to an email, etc. We are trying to be "paperless" as much as possible but without the ability to print CC receipts directly to pdf images, we are still going through REAMS of paper! Also, at the end of the actual CC transaction, when the receipt(s) are being generated, maybe the user can also be given the option of sending the receipt image directly to .pdf format, which can then be emailed/texted to the patient and stored in a daily folder on the user's desktop, for example, so that no paper receipts need be generated if so desired. We see this option being given often in stores like Office Depot, where the user can choose to Print the receipt, Email it, Print and Email it or Neither.

  • Leon Gerard
  • Mar 8 2023
  • Needs review
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