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An Adjustment Report

A "detailed" condensed adjustment report.

I want to see the totals, names and dates on one report.

Instead of by category and the total for the time period, I want to know the patients who received an adjustment specifically. The current report doesn't show who received the adjustments given.

<all> <all> or a <staff courtesy> <staff courtesy> This would allow me to see the patients and how much they received under the umbrella I specify.

For example I want to give a category and a date range and I will see all the names and totals for my patients with the credentials I provide.

When I pull a report I currently get a total given under a category but I don't know where the adjustments were input specifically which is frustrating.

If I adjusted $12,000.00 under a category, I want the ability to know which ledgers/ patients received them with totals on the side that add up to the $12,000.00 to track these adjustment on a cleaner report.

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  • Jan 28 2022
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  • Tiffany Harmon commented
    18 Oct, 2022 06:43pm