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referral report - I need to see EVERY Gratuity given to a referral

It would be very helpful if we could see all gratuity given to a referral in a REPORT>

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  • Nov 6 2019
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  • Nov 7, 2019

    Admin response

    There is a report which will list the last Gratuity given to a referral source.

    Individually, you can view and print all Gratuities given to a single referral source through Office Journal
    (Office Journal | View | By Referral Provider... | select the referral source
    View | Filters... | Under Select Journal Entry Types, choose Referral Gratuities
    File | Print)

    The Referred BY Doctor/Other Report will display the last gratuity issued to each referral provider, and a total number of gratuities delivered.
    Office Manager | Reports | Management | Referred BY Doctor/Other Report

    (Office Manager | Maintenance | Reference | Referral Maintenance | select a referring provider | Analysis | Gratuity Analysis)

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