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Please add support for PDF readers other than Adobe's.

Adobe products are bordering on bloatware despite being the most proliferate. We try to run super lean to minimize issues. There are many other PDF readers like Sumatra which provide a better experience 

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  • Jul 18 2019
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  • Guest commented
    29 Jul, 2022 02:27pm

    Adobe Reader is a security risk and vulnerability in every computer it is installed! It is usually bundled with extra junkware that is not needed or wanted.

    Current technology allows even Browsers (Firefox, MS Edge and others) as well as many other apps to easily read PDF's. I like Foxit Reader, but there are many others like SumatraPDF or CutePDF that are much safer than Adobe Reader.

    Please support the Windows default for PDF's and it will be safer and better for all Dentrix users.

  • hamid mazuji commented
    18 Sep, 2020 06:21pm

    p.s. i like sumatrapdf; it's opensource and doesn't have any bloatware

  • hamid mazuji commented
    18 Sep, 2020 04:53pm

    correction: adobe isn't "borderline" - it is bloatware

    just got off a support request with rigo / tier 2 with this same exact problem

    adobe doesn't just install a pdf reader, it also installs services such as updates

    it then starts with popping up notifications

    i've turned off all notifications on my systems, however, once microsoft and adobe finish reconfiguring my workstations, all of my setting change, my print settings change, my network settings change, and i start getting notifications for adobe updates

    please stop forcing me to use this bloatware. sumatra is an open source pdf reader, and that's all it does. please.