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Walk out statements and Health Saving Accounts Merged

We have been having a lot of trouble with flex spending and Health Saving accounts accepting our walk out statements. I spoke with a representative last week who informed me the reason they will not accept them is because it says “Billing Date” instead of “Date of Service”. No where on the walk out statement does it say when the services were performed. Even though we know the only time it can be created is on the date of service, the people reading them do not know this. I pointed out that the top it says “statement of services rendered”, but the rep said it would not work. He also informed me printing the ledgers would no longer be acceptable by the IRS as valid receipts. If we could have a readable walkout statement which clearly states when the services were rendered this would satisfy the demands of the government regulated HSA and Flex account managers and it would save us a lot of hassle in the months following the appointments in creating statements which have all the correct dates of service

  • Ashley Watkins
  • Apr 15 2019
  • Future consideration