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Better note section for Treatment Plan Cases

Many times a patient will call and say they are postponing treatment and the reason why. We put this note in the Office Journal but AND Clinical notes AND Update Case Status area of Tx Plan Setup. However, none of these areas are reviewed by clinical staff. Also you have to "hunt" for the notes in so many different places. Getting to the Case Status notes is tortious and can only hold so many characters. It would be helpful if you could right click on the Tx Plan Case and create a note. Then some kind of visual, maybe a post it on the manila folder or to the right of the name of the case would pop up saying that there is info there. It would all be in one place and require way less searching. The cherry on top would be that you have the option to add the note directly to clinical/progress notes but I know that might be asking too much.

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  • Feb 9 2021
  • Future consideration
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