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Add "Unselect All" Button to 'Create Alternate Case' Dialog Box

In the patient's Chart, when we have very large treatment plans and have to present several alternative treatment plan options to the patient, we use the Treatment Planner in Treatment Planner Layout View. Right-clicking on the patient's default treatment plan allows us to create an Alternate Case that is linked to the original default treatment plan. However, after right-clicking and selecting "Create Alternate Case", the "Create Alternate Case" dialog box opens up with all of the proposed treatment procedures selected to be carried over to the alternate case: with a complex, comprehensive treatment plan, this can be dozens of procedures! It is quite ponderous to have to sit there clicking each individual procedure that is not intended to be included in the alternative treatment plan option! Can an "Unselect All" button be added to that dialog box to simply streamline an already very complex process? See the example below.

  • Leon Gerard
  • Sep 3 2020
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