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Custom Color on Appointment Book

When you create a custom color on the patient chart, you are not able to save it to use for other events. This seems pointless as there is no point in having custom colors if you cannot save them. There is a row below base colors to save custom colors, yet you are unable to do anything with this.

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  • May 18 2020
  • Future consideration
  • May 22, 2023

    Admin response

    Thank you for posting to Dentrix Ideas! Your idea is under consideration for future development.

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  • Guest commented
    17 May 02:59pm

    EXACTLY. So frustrating!!

  • Jason Olson commented
    16 Aug, 2023 09:38pm

    Yes! Agreed. I just called Dentrix on the phone to confirm that this is fact. You can add 16 custom colors, but NONE of them save when you are done adding them. It makes the feature 100% worthless. Makes absolutely no sense. Hopefully they will fix this, but probably everyone just thinks it's a glitch and don't bother to research it. There should be thousands upvotes on this. Thank you for noticing and sharing this idea!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!! -Jason

  • Guest commented
    5 Nov, 2020 10:32pm

    Yes, it's pointless if it doesn't work. But it needs to... so you don't have to keep inventing colors over and over that signify a certain event or that you prefer for your practice schedule, whether to make them easier to read or what not. It needs to be handy for efficiency's sake if for no other reason. Please make this feature work.