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Remove or Archive Providers no longer with the practice

We have maximized our providers and are no longer able to add new providers. To make room for new providers, we would like to be able to archive deceased or inactive providers.
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  • Jul 9 2019
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  • Jul 9, 2019

    Admin Response

    This is definetly a valid request, and it's an understandable pain point. I'd like to recommend you contact our support team though, they do have the ability to change Provider ID's, which could potentially allow you to re-use some of the provider ID's that weren't used very much. Either way, I'll make sure this is documented. Thanks.
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    July 09, 2019 04:16
    We have a ton of old providers, I have tried several times to remove them and my system crashes....shouldn't have to be that hard! I have to come in on a day off or stay late, get IT to back-up our server, make sure that 25 workstations are closed out of EVERY Dentrix module and then it crashes, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Super Frustrating!! There HAS TO be an easier solution!
  • Ronda commented
    July 09, 2019 04:16
    Shouldn't have to see providers that have been gone for years on our reports. Should just be able to inactivate them.