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Insurance- Incentive plans

Our school systems, and county jobs use incentive plans for all of there employees and their families. So there are a ton of people that have these plans. It would be so nice to be able to put different % for families members, and have the option to mark that the insurance plan is an incentive plan. Example: Mom carries the insurance plan, and has 3 kids. each kid is at a different % and the mom has 100% coverage. Rather then it following the moms %, it would be nice to change kid #1 to 70%, kids #2 to 60% and kids # 3 to 90 %. So when they need treatment you can print it out for each kid showing what there % coverage would pay. Right now there is no way to mark incentive plan OR no way to change the % for each family member.

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  • Feb 19 2020
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  • Feb 25, 2020

    Admin response

    There are ways to setup plans such as this. for steps on how to do this, we encourage you to contact support at 833-471-2273.

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