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Time Clock needs to show hours of overtime vs. pay of overtime

Please add the option of having the time clock calculating the over time hours too.  Currently, it only calculates the overtime pay and our office is not privy to know the hourly rate of each of our employees, even the office manager.  It will be valuable for us to have the over time hours calculated too.  Thank you for your consideration and for acting upon this idea or request.

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  • Nov 21 2019
  • Future consideration
  • Mar 26, 2020

    Admin response

    Thank you for the recommendation, we are always looking for ways to improve the product. we will consider this for a potential future release.

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  • Guest commented
    27 Jul, 2022 06:49pm

    I just need to know how many regular hours and how many overtime hours have been worked. Don't need the $$ amount of what the check pay should be.

  • Nachiket Saoji commented
    18 Feb, 2022 05:56pm

    This would be a huge help when doing payroll calculations. It seems like an obvious feature to have included from the beginning and I can't understand why it still has not added with all the updates?

  • Guest commented
    6 Dec, 2019 04:28pm

    It would really help if we can see regular pay and overtime pay!

  • Guest commented
    25 Nov, 2019 10:09pm

    I just posted the same request, this lack of feature is difficult to use.