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To be able to print Ledger With OUT treatments with oustanding claims from prior months

Patients would like a print out of their ledger for their FSA account for a specific date for example Aug 29, 2019. I don't need prior treatment from prior months with outstanding claims on the ledger for example 07/06/2019! There is also no notes for the patients to know why there is only some of the July treatment (not all) in a print out for Aug?!?! The only note at the bottom of the ledger is " * notes the treatment is posted in history "... We as an office know the treatment that we are waiting for insurance payments from. But why would the patients need to have random dates on a ledger they want for a specific date also with no explanation as to why those dates are on there. Its not useful for the patient and does not need to be on there! 

  • Ginger J
  • Sep 26 2019
  • Future consideration
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