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Enlarge Dentrix Imaging cursor

I have paid for Dentrix software for a couple decades now.

When I purchased it, we had Schick sensors and Dentrix would not work with them.

We used Patterson imaging up until recently and decided to purchase the Dentrix image package and have all our records converted.

As far as feedback goes, no piece of technology in my practice irritates me on a daily basis more than Dentrix imaging.

I have reached out numerous times to ask that you address an issue that I am sure that other practices have problems with as well.

I can deal with the fact that Dentrix takes 2 more clicks than Patterson for the average function, but I can’t deal with the fact that I have to apologize to every patient that I want to show an x-ray to and point out features that are important to their treatment.

When I am in the image navigator panel, I am able to see all of the images at one time (all be it small) in the upper left-hand corner, which is great.

When I select an image that it is important for the patient to see I click on it to highlight it in yellow. The image is a larger size to the right and I even have the option to enlarge it to full screen, great as well.

However, the problem is my monitors are on the wall below the patient’s feet about 5 feet from their eyes.

When I need to go over the x-rays and point things out, the pointed cursor reduces to a little tiny + (yes about this size) that changes black or white depending on the background, when I cover the enlarged image.

We cannot see it as I move it around. I know that you have static features to blow up a bubble, draw an arrow etc. That takes multiple clicks and is not dynamic.

I have tried laser pointers on the monitors, but the screen surface just absorbs it.

Currently I just get up out of my chair, walk to my monitor and point with my finger. I’m thinking about getting a long stick with a rubber end on it next, this is not ideal.

Please fix it and send it out as a patch. Whoever wrote the code that makes the pointed cursor almost disappear when you go form the periphery onto the image should know how to eliminate that problem.

Thank you for reviewing my situation.

Martin Matovich

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  • Apr 18 2024
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