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Filter Patient Mailing labels by Insurance provider

We should be able to filter patient mailing labels by insurance provider in order to inform patients with those providers in a timely and efficient fashion of insurance acceptance or changes and allow it in the format similarly to "Office Manager > Reports > Reference > Insurance Carrier List > Enter range of Insurance Carrier(s) > Check Include All Insured Patients > Click OK." with the ability to choose mailing columns.

The path we have to make this possible is currently "Office Manager > Letters and Custom Lists > Misc. > New > Filter Dental Ins providers > Select all data fields > ok > Create Letters.

By comparison to the first method, this second method is unbelievably convoluted even for tech support to assist with. I received several mixed answers to try and solve this very same problem, finally able to narrow it down with one support specialist. Please consider this as it would help immensely.

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  • May 10 2023
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