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The Appointment Time Pattern should not block an appt from being booked if there are too many Xs or slashes. Our practice does not use them and it's time consuming to have to go to that area to alter the time pattern just to be able to book an additional appointment. It should allow us to book as many appointments as we choose without having to alter the time pattern.

It is very time consuming when we cannot schedule an appointment without adjusting the time pattern. We do not need time patterns at our office.

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  • Apr 26 2023
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  • Apr 28, 2023

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    Thank you for posting to Dentrix Ideas! Your idea is under consideration for future development.

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    28 Nov, 2023 11:55pm

    If your office is not using the dots/x's/slashes, you can update the procedure codes in the Office Manager and turn off these marks. It was a hassle to do originally for our office, but once we went through each code used, it no longer effects us.

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    26 Apr, 2023 09:22pm

    Please enable us to schedule multiple appointments without having to adjust the time pattern. Thank you!!