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Have Electronic EOB's autoprint after being sent to Document Center

Lets talk about the new update where the electronic EOB's are being sent directly to the document center and not printing.

This update has absolutely changed the functionality of checkout for the worse. Each office in the building I work in (which there are 10) gets the girls in the back to send the claim so it's ready by the time the patient comes to the front. The printed EOB gives the front a heads up that the patient is about to come. We then get all our ducks in a row, confirming the EOB matches what the insurance pays, so it's quick and easy to collect payment or send them on their way. With the new feature it completely disrupts the flow. It adds in extra steps and time to have to go into the document center and print from there.

You may make the argument that it doesn't need to be printed, but when things are not %100 you need to match the expected payment number on the EOB page to the number on the ledger. You need the vision of a 10yr old child, who loves their carrots, to be able to read anything in there and the memory of Sheldon Cooper to memorize the amount while to frantically skipping to another page to make sure the ledger matches. The moment it doesn't match your needing to go back to the document center to see what's not matching up (and repeat). So yes, I'd say printing is very necessary.

In saying that, the CDA user guide states (and I quote) "The explanation of benefits or claim acknowledgement MUST be given to the patient before he or she leaves the dental office. Patient's MUST always receive this as a receipt of the procedures performed prior to leaving the dental office."
---> This print out was NEVER meant to be ours. This print out was meant to be a copy for the patient. To uphold the regulations of the CDA we are still needing to go into the document center and print it regardless of our memory or eyesight.

On to the next point: Since the girls in the back send the claim, do you think they care to have the document center open for them? Truthfully, it annoys the heck out of them. Being redirected to a completely different page, when they haven't even had the time to create and print the secondary insurance, is a nuisance. So much so that NONE of them remember to go back into the ledger because they just don't have the time.
You may make the argument "why don't the girls in the front just send the claim if the girls in the back don't have the time", besides the fact every single patient has the patience of a 2yr old, please refer back to the points made in paragraph two.

This feature should have been in ADDITION. Not a replacement. 10 offices in the building I work in and not one person, front staff and back, is impressed with this change. "OHHHH but the Canadian Government Laws, bla bla bla". If you needed to be our babysitter and were required to have us save it, you should have ATLEAST have had it printing as well, because after all, that copy is MEANT to be the patients.

Do you guys really think any of us have time to track down a claim for each and every single patient when the patient suddenly appears, with no warning? Do you really think it's realistic to go into each and every single patients document center to print out the claim, just so we can read it, and hand it to patient as the CDA requires? Do you think the girls in the back care to have the document center auto open when they are already falling behind? Do you think they have the time to print from there and hopefully remember to go back into the patients ledger to create/print their second insurance?

Updates are supposed to make life easier. Not harder. You guys completely dropped the ball on this one.

In saying that, I think this brings me to the point in hand:

New idea? Damn rights I have an idea! Have the electronic EOB print in addition to it being autosaved in document center. Or even have the document save to a common folder on the computer in addition to printing. This way we still have record of the electronic EOB and you aren't adding any additional junk to the document center.

I have attached the Canadian Dental Association Dental Office User Guide. Please refer to page 11 as evidence that the EOB was intended for the patient, not the office. BOTH need to be incorporated in checkout and to maintain efficiency having it auto print needs to be resumed.

Your welcome.

Yours truly,

Common Sense.

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  • Mar 1 2023
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  • Mar 2, 2023

    Admin response

    Thank you for the detailed feature request! Changes were made to this workflow to accommodate vendor regulations for CDANet, and allow offices to become more paperless. We are sorry to hear this has been a disruption to workflow and will look into adding an auto-print option as soon as possible.