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Appointment day-by-day search buttons

Dentrix currently only supplies a day-by-day search arrow in the UR corner of the appointment book. Often for scheduling we need to search by week when a patient requests "only Thursdays" for example. It would be helpful to allow us to page through on a week-by-week basis for those situations. We also have a DDS who only works on Wednesdays, I would like to be able to click through on Wednesdays on a week-by-week basis without having to go to the calendar icon, click it open, click the day, find out it's booked, go back to the calendar icon, click it open, click the next week,etc etc. To remain competitive with Eaglesoft (which is a generally preferred and more user friendly platform) this should have been something implemented years ago, because Eaglesoft has had this feature all along. Before you tell me I should be using the "Schedule Appointments" feature, I'll just tell you that that does not work for our office because Dentrix is also gravely lacking in the perfect day set-up abilities as well, so the "Schedule Appointments" feature is not accurate for the way we schedule our office.

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  • Sep 16 2022
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