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Audit trail and lock date and time of journal entry like treatment notes

I had an issue with a patient who said we did not call him. an employee was instructed to call him and we always enter in the journal when we contact a patient. However, I did not see an entry when I went to explain to the patient but had written in my notes when I asked the employee to call the patient. Later I noticed a journal entry that I believe was added. However, in this I learned the journal entry time and date can be changed and it does not show up on an audit trail report. SO this means this form of documentation really would not hold up as a legal document because there is no way to prove when it was entered. It would be nice if Dentrix would include everything on an audit and lock date and time so people cannot change or add things after the fact in the journal. The fact it is not like this seems like it was designed to allow a dentist to falsify something. Seems really stupid.

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  • Jun 16 2022
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