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process credit card payment on insurance claims

Currently, you have to process an insurance payer credit card payment manually and then post it separately to the appropriate claim which creates a double posting of the payment (once to run the virtual credit card and the other to clear the insurance claim as paid).  You should be able to run a virtual credit card directly when choosing credit card payment as the insurance payment type on a claim.  

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  • Jul 24 2019
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  • Unknown Unknown commented
    21 Aug, 2023 06:21pm

    Amazing that Dentrix has not figured out how to properly process these virtual credit cards on their software. Virtual cards payments by insurance companies are on the rise. This should be done ASAP. There are other ideas that are the same as this, all should be merged together.

  • Guest commented
    20 Sep, 2022 10:12pm

    This is something we really need to have ASAP. Especially when printing the ledger for patients records and it has all these debit adjustments and charges.

  • Guest commented
    30 Aug, 2022 04:39pm

    Yes this needs to be added to clean up the ledgers.

  • Kris Mazowieski commented
    29 Jul, 2022 02:25pm

    Is everyone having to go back in and adjust the maximum amount used? I was entering in card payments and transferring like everyone else and then I realized it doesn't update the benefits you have to go in manually and do it.

  • Kelly Cole commented
    27 Apr, 2022 08:10pm

    Yes, this is a must! It is twice the work right now.

  • Guest commented
    18 Jan, 2022 08:33pm

    I just called Dentrix, Dentrix PowerPay and was on the phone with my IT dept and this has still not been implemented. If I had known this would be such a pain I'm not sure I would have recommended my office switch to PowerPay.

  • Maria Berardi commented
    20 Jul, 2021 06:22pm

    Why is this idea still a future consideration? Credit card payments from insurance were possible prior to our upgrade to 7.2. The process should be more streamlined not result in extra work. Plus, in our office the person entering payments does not have access to delete a payment (this would go against all accounting rules). Therefore, it takes 2 people to post this transaction. Ridiculous!

  • Shawna commented
    20 Jul, 2021 05:51pm

    This needs to be done immediately. The lack of having this ability takes extra steps and more time. This was supposed to make everything more efficient but absolutely has NOT.

  • Kim Hight commented
    18 May, 2021 04:36pm

    This should be done immediately! We receive multiple credit card insurance payment a day and it takes more time to post these payments than any other insurance claim we have. Please fix this ASAP!

  • Mary Beth commented
    7 Apr, 2021 06:36pm

    This needs to be addressed now, not put for future consideration. It is absurd that this has not been taken care of yet! It is a colossal waste of time! When this package is purchased this is mentioned NOWHERE! During training we were told that you post insurance credit cards exactly as they were done previously, nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Sara commented
    5 Apr, 2021 04:21pm

    I strongly suggest this be implemented. Many insurance companies have virtual credit cards as payment methods now. Currently, you have to manually enter the card as a payment to process, then delete this payment completely and re-enter on the claim itself OR adjust the payment amount on the ledger. There is also a risk that a double payment is entered or the payment not adjusted correctly or at all. It also makes the audit reports look suspicious. There should be an option to run a credit card within the claim itself.

  • Christine L. commented
    17 Mar, 2021 06:39pm

    This should be a high priority fix!

  • Guest commented
    22 Dec, 2020 02:28pm

    I agree!!!!

  • Tina Smith commented
    20 Mar, 2020 03:17pm

    I was getting ready to suggest this exactly! Thank you!

  • Guest commented
    12 Mar, 2020 08:52pm

    EagleSoft has been doing this for YEARS - come on Dentrix get on board.

  • Darla Chauvin commented
    4 Feb, 2020 04:29pm

    YES! I agree with this. This would be a GREAT time saver!

  • Guest commented
    29 Jan, 2020 07:39pm

    This would cut down on double posting errors.  Definitely needs to be addressed.

  • Guest commented
    12 Dec, 2019 03:30pm

    Yes! so frustrating and time consuming currently

  • Guest commented
    3 Dec, 2019 08:19pm

    Having to delete a payment is a big problem! Looks suspicious and is simply rediculous! How difficult is it to change the program so that Dentrix Pay offices will be prompted to run a credit card from within the insurance claim payment window??? Same way it works from the patient payment window. 

  • Guest commented
    18 Nov, 2019 05:01pm

    This leaves much room for error.  The only thing I would add to this subject matter, is when processing a credit card manually, it would be easier and faster to enter the credit card number and expiration date from the keyboard and not the verifone device. 

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