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Perfect Day Scheduling: More than 6 set time blocks per provider

When utilizing Perfect Day scheduling more than 6 set time blocks per provider is needed. We have several providers in our practice that would love to utilize perfect day scheduling but are unable to because of this limit. For example we have a provider that does two columns of alternating resto appointments leading to a need for 10 blocks in one day just for resto appts.

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  • Dec 22 2020
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  • Guest commented
    9 Dec, 2021 02:39pm

    A perfect day scheduler should allow as many blocks as the provider needs and not be limited to 12 per day. We have 2 doctors and for their perfect day we would need 17 each. This isn't really a perfect day scheduler you have setup but more of an emergency block only. Please make this more user friendly or change the name as it isn't truly what you claim it to be.

  • Richard Fossum commented
    24 Feb, 2021 02:57pm

    The entire procedure for creating perfect day scheduling blocks needs to be revamped. Right now, it's too complicated and time consuming. Also, when a provider leaves and is inactivated, the time blocks associated with the provider's user ID are deleted from the schedule and have to be remade with the new provider's user ID. It's such a pain. Make it simpler.