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Office Manager Batch Processor -have option to list most current items first instead of having to scroll to the bottom of screen everytime

PLEASE allow the option of reversing the order of the reports in the batch processor so the most recent report shows at the top of the screen not the bottom. We (along with most offices I assume) have hundreds of items in the batch processor every day. We do not want to delete them until the end of the day. It is very time consuming to scroll down to the bottom of the screen everytime to get to the report you need to print. Yes - I know there is a short cut step you can do that takes you to the bottom - but again - another step that is a time waster. Why can't you have either just have the order reversed so the most recent report run shows at the top OR have an option to set it that way if an office so chooses. It may seem like a little thing, but do it a hundred times a day and it is very annoying and time-consuming

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  • Nov 10 2020
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