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Add a third insurance (tertiary) for a patient.

Add the ability to set up a third (tertiary) insurance in the patient's Family File, and even a fourth (quaternary). This is increasingingly important because so many people are picking up Aflac's supplemental insurance. This is also needed for when a child's parents are divorced and have remarried, and both parents and/or step parents have insurance coverage for the children.
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  • Jul 9 2019
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  • Jul 9, 2019

    Admin response

    Thanks for all of the feedback regarding this feature. We are currently planning to include this in a future Dentrix release. More updates to follow.
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  • Guest commented
    20 Jan 04:35pm

    This add was to take place 2 years ago.

    Any updates for us?

  • ELLIE VALDEZ commented
    30 Dec, 2020 05:17pm

    Please add this feature!

  • Simone commented
    17 Dec, 2020 07:13pm

    Yes, we need this too! Any update on if/when this will happen?

  • Tracey commented
    15 Dec, 2020 03:40pm

    Still waiting....

  • Mary S commented
    9 Nov, 2020 08:37pm

    The Admin response is over 1 year old. this really needs to be added to the system. We have several patients who not only have 3 but 4 insurances. Hopefully this will be added sooner than later

  • Guest commented
    5 Nov, 2020 10:46pm

    The Dentrix system doesn't have the ability to do many things. It's so archaic, and I know they're trying but I don't think they grasp the total slipper slope of how dental insurances operate. It would help if a technical rep would come in and see what's really going on with everything insurance, as that seems the thing most in need of being constantly updated on a regular basis.

  • Ligia Simon commented
    20 Oct, 2020 10:23pm

    Dear development team, any update on when this feature will be released? Last update is from 2019. Thank you

  • Guest commented
    18 Jun, 2020 01:35pm

    Yes, this is long overdue! Such a hassle to do all of this manually... then you can't track the claims. So frustrating.

  • Megan Biggs commented
    2 Jun, 2020 10:23pm

    This should have been done a long time ago

  • Stella Cristoforo commented
    23 Apr, 2020 04:22pm

    Please add 3rd insurance

  • Unknown Unknown commented
    8 Jan, 2020 07:59pm

    This was promised in the new updates.  This has been an issue for 10+ years and is totally ridiculous that we still can not do this.  Please enter the modern era and realize that for any number of reasons we need to be able to enter at LEAST 4 insurances.  It is issues like this that make it hard to want to stay with Dentrix when there are so many other options for practice management software out there. 

  • Mariana sousa commented
    10 Oct, 2019 01:53pm

    Currently buried in claim problems, because the system does not have the ability to add a third insurance.

  • Unknown Unknown commented
    27 Aug, 2019 01:18pm

    for as much as this software costs, get moving Dentrix!!!

  • Guest commented
    23 Jul, 2019 05:48pm

    I notice that the comment dates don't list the year the comment was posted. There is a comment from me that is 2 years old showing as having been posted this past July (2019). Is this your way of preventing us from knowing how long we actually been requesting this feature?

  • LAURIE commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:38am
    We have many patients that have 3 insurances. Would love this one!!
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:38am
    We numerous families that have 3 or more insurances. Having this capability would benefit the practice immensely!!!!!
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:38am
    Yes yes yes yes - great suggestion - i have a few families that have 3 insurances and we are providers for all 3 therefore need to bill them. It would be fantastic to have the ability to add all 3!!!!! PLEASE DENTRIX - WE NEED THIS!!!
  • Darla commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:38am
    I think it would help a lot, because right now to bill a third insurance, I have to cut and paste (literally). And when you are billing for a child of divorced parents, sometimes they have up to 4 insurances! It becomes a nightmare keeping track, and when you get the payments for the 3rd and 4th insurance, it gets tough making sure the payments are accurately reflected.
  • Smile Solutions commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:38am
    I agree with this. One of our patients has 3 insurances and it is impossible to make a claim for the third one and we have to waste time printing everything and writing the new information in by hand!
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:38am
    approx 75% of our pts have duel or trimary insurances. It is very complicated and time consuming to hand write out all the trimary claims!!!! Please make this option available to the offices VERY soon!!!! thank you
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