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Add Premedication Graphic To Appointment Block

In Appointment Book, add a bold graphic to the actual appointment block that will show the need for that patient to PREMEDICATE for their appointment - see example I created below. Currently, the only reminder/prompt that the Front Office has when calling to schedule and/or confirm all the appointments would be an Alert that hopefully has been setup to open at the correct instance. With the Front often being "allegedly" overwhelmed, it is understandable that occasionally they might inadvertently just "click through" all the Alerts without closely reading each one and miss the reminder to remind the patient to premedicate. This can result in the patient showing up for a scheduled appointment without having premedicated properly, resulting in the inability to perform the services for that appointment - consequently, that ends up being wasted time/frustration/disappointment for the office and for the patient. If there was a large, bold graphic alert inside the appointment block that can be toggled, perhaps, or somehow linked to a setting inside Medical Alerts, there would be much less likelihood of forgetting to premed.

  • Leon Gerard
  • Aug 4 2020
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