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Health History Questionaire Medication Section

That box currently has instructions: "Please list any medications you are currently taking, one medication per line." Then it has grayed out wording in the block of "Medication 1, Medication 2." Do the patients think they can only list two since it does not say "Etc." on the third line? Should it continue with Etc. on the third line so the patient knows they can list more than two and should the instructions say "enter "none" if you are not taking any medications?" Perhaps that field should be mandatory to fill out so it cannot be bypassed. Either they list a medication or they put the word "none" in so you know that they didn't just not fill that section in. I think it would be great if when you bring the patient medication in, instead of the medication list at the bottom having two and three spellings of the same drug, have a list of correctly spelled medications that you can select from to match up with what the patient filled out on the kiosk. It would be helpful if when you type in the first couple of letters of the drug name if it would move down the list automatically to those drugs starting with that letter instead of having to scroll down through the entire list of drugs to get to the letter "T".

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  • May 27 2020
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