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Allow changing the order of medical history items And on the med Health history questionnaire

I want to be able to put related health history questions/options next to each other (in the list of medical hix items  and in the questionnaire). for example all the heart condition questions together, any cancer related questions together. 

if health history / medical conditions has been randomly added over the years (like in my office ) similar conditions are not one after another. So now that I am trying to make the medical history questionnaire the questions are not categorized and randomly spread. 

please allow moving medical conditions up and down the list whether it  is a existing condition or  any new ones added to list. then please apply this option to allergies as well.

if we have the option to change the order of display in the med hx would really make it more logical and easier for pts to answer the questions.

Thanks. this is a very important problem. 

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  • Feb 11 2020
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  • Feb 26, 2020

    Admin response

    Thank you for the recommendation.

    Depending on what version you are currently running, with G7 we have now implemented the new Health History module. With the new module the conditions are all now alphabetical and can be managed easier. if you are on a prior version, there are limitations to the modifications of conditions.

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    Ashley Watkins commented
    22 Apr, 2020 10:14pm

    Dr. Morgan,

    Can you provide a bit more information?

    Currently, the ability to move questions up and down on the questionnaires is available. If this isn't working, it could be something our support team will need to assist with.

    Could you please email me your customer number and I can have a support tech reach out to look into what is going on?

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    21 Apr, 2020 03:35pm

    I do have dentrix 7.3. And still can not change the order of medical history, or allegy items in the med history questionarrre. So allow to move up or down the medical hx items on the questionare This very important bc lets say someone forgets to add a heart condition to medical conditions in dentrix. And later on wants to add it. Now that item can not show next to other heart conditions on the medical hx questionarre. The questions will have random questions and will be very unorganized. I have been waiting for this change for a long time snd now that you guys are working on medical hx this is the time to fix this.