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UPDATE your software & ALLOW service frequency, age limits, waiting periods to be added into INS coverage table Merged

Most offices struggle with not being able to input service frequency, age limits & waiting periods into the Dentrix.
This is a HUGE feature currently not supported/offered through Dentrix that would allow you to enter frequency per service code, age limits per service code, waiting periods per code/service category.
After speaking with a Dentrix rep, Valerie...she stated that it's not a top priority and therefore until they get enough votes it will not be a supported service that the development team will look into.
I'm so irritated that in 2020 we are still not able to input a critical factor of patient care that would have a more accurate patient portion. By automatically generating on the treatment plan if a patient has exceeded their frequency or has a waiting period by allowing our offices to collect from the patient at time of service. Their competitors have figured this out & it's a great value to their software, I just don't understand how Dentrix doesn't see it as valuable.
I know you can write a note within the INS coverage table AND this is great if you have ALOT of fact finders on your team BUT for those who don't it's an area that gets missed & then you have an upset patient when they find out they have a balance because they had 3 cleanings in 12 months instead of 2. It's an expensive mistake to have happen but it does get missed and then what do you do? - bill the now unhappy patient? have them possibly leave the practice because they lose trust in our team or -writeoff?
The only solution that Valerie gave is to go to and VOTE!
Here's a glimpse at their competitor's INS coverage table! It really is so helpful & any team member can easily know what's covered & what's not!!!
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  • Jan 17 2020
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    Ashley Watkins commented
    18 Jan, 2020 04:46am

    Thank you for posting your idea! Please know that the changes you have suggested are something we are absolutely making a priority. If you would like to discuss these insurance enhancements, please feel free to reach out to me at

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