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Add Management or Messaging for Deprecated Procedure Codes

As the list of CDT codes evolves, certain codes are deprecated, removed, or replaced. While we would like these to remain in Dentrix as a part of the history for patients who have received these procedures, it is increasingly challenging to identify which codes are current or outdated in the list, and changing their names or codes to indicate their deprecated status could create confusion in a patient's record. Dentrix should allow some sort of messaging or management for deprecated\removed\replaced codes.

At a minimum, a checkbox for "Removed Code" in the Procedure Code setup which would display a warning message when trying to treatment plan one of these outdated codes.

Ideally, an option similar to Tooth\Mouth\Surface Flags to specify a replacement code with region\arch modifiers. For instance, the D9940 Occlusal Guard code has been replaced and now has separate codes for maxillary and mandibular.

  • Dr J
  • May 17 2024
  • Needs review
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