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Edit existing or proposed TX in chart with right click

An easy way to edit existing or proposed treatment in the patient's chart by right clicking on the tooth. When you right click have options to edit, delete, or set treatment complete. When clicking edit options to be able to change surfaces (ie the chart reflects the tooth has an O filling but should be charted as an OL filling, editing all surfaces and not just cusp), dental material (ie the chart has an amalgam charted but needs to be changed to composite), or change from existing to proposed (ie the patient needs a crown, clinician forgot to click TX when putting in proposed treatment in the chart so the chart reflects the crown as existing instead of proposed, clinician can right click on the tooth and change the crown to proposed instead of deleting the crown just to put it back in the chart). Both Open Dental and EagleSoft offer this option.

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  • May 11 2024
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