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Enhance the Unscheduled Treatment Plans report

Here's a rewritten suggestion for the Unscheduled Treatment Plans report in Dentrix:

Enhance the Unscheduled Treatment Plans report to include:

  • Estimated Insurance Coverage: For each procedure within an unscheduled treatment plan, display an estimated amount covered by insurance if a pre-authorization (pre-auth) has been approved.

Here's how it would work:

  • The report would show the procedure cost (e.g., $1000).

  • If a pre-auth is approved for the procedure, the report would display the estimated insurance payment (e.g., $400).

  • If there's no pre-auth or the pre-auth is rejected, the estimated insurance payment would be listed as "$0" or "Not Approved."

Benefits of this Enhancement:

  • Improved Scheduling Efficiency: By having estimated insurance coverage readily available in the report, you can more efficiently determine if a patient is likely to move forward with a treatment plan based on their insurance coverage. This can help prioritize scheduling appointments for patients with approved pre-auths.

  • Informed Communication: The estimated insurance coverage information allows for more informed conversations with patients about their treatment plans. You can discuss potential out-of-pocket costs based on the estimated insurance coverage.

Implementation Considerations:

  • Dentrix Integration: This functionality might require integration with your insurance verification system or a more robust pre-authorization tracking system within Dentrix.

  • Accuracy of Estimates: It's important to acknowledge that the estimated insurance coverage figures might not be exact due to various factors like final claim adjudication. However, it can provide a valuable starting point for discussions and scheduling decisions.

Alternative Approach (if Integration Isn't Feasible):

  • If integrating with an insurance verification system isn't currently possible, consider adding a custom field to the treatment plan or procedure where you can manually enter the estimated insurance coverage amount after receiving pre-authorization approval. This can be a temporary solution until a more automated integration becomes available.

By incorporating estimated insurance coverage into the Unscheduled Treatment Plans report, you can streamline scheduling workflows and have more informed discussions with patients about their treatment options. This can ultimately lead to improved patient satisfaction and practice efficiency.

  • Le Chau
  • Mar 19 2024
  • Needs review
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