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Fix clinical notes so you can read them

I would like to read clinical notes as though I am reading a paper chart. I would like there to be a different color font for every provider. The current workaround in progress notes is unsatisfactory. Having to click on "expand notes" every time you want to read all previous notes at once is extremely flawed. Whenever I do this, I cannot read the notes, everything is popping up and disappearing, and it is just not easy to see, read, or use. It requires a lot of manipulating the screen, clicking on and off of other tabs. There is already a tab or a section called clinical notes. It is my opinion that all clinical notes should be easily displayed in this section so that the user can scroll and review historical entries all at one time. This should be the default. This is what providers expect to be able to do when accessing patient records. Otherwise, I am left to click on each and every note one at at time to review patient history. I have been told many times that Dentrix has been working to improve this. Please bring changes soon!

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  • Mar 13 2024
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