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A list of archived patients with outstanding Treatment Plan

There needs to be a way to clean up outstanding balances from tx plans of archived providers and patients. The treatment plan statistics analysis gives totals but there is no way to find out which pt these totals are attached to. and going through the entire data base of archived patients is an incredible lengthy process when you have been with Dentrix any length of time. This would make the analysis total more accurate

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  • Mar 13 2024
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    13 Mar 02:28pm

    The other part of this situation is I have 26 providers in the system of the 26 only 5 are active. Leaving an outstanding tx total in the millions that I cannot change with out going pt by pt to reactivate (archived pt 3744 - with dentrix since the 90's) them and to reactive the providers to change these totals. Please fix this so that all the reports can be run with active or inactive providers and pts so that I only have to manipulate the ones needing to be corrected not every single one. PLEASE!!!