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Ability to print a treatment plan with treatment provider not the primary provider from the family file

We are a group practice and each provider covers emergencies from all providers. If the patient comes in with an emergency and needs for example a surgical extraction, we want to be able to print a treatment plan for those procedures showing the treatment provider not the primary provider. We also have one DDS in our office that does additional procedures that the other DDS's don't do. e.g. Molar endo, Implant placement and Bone grafts to name a few. Therefore, the primary provider refers that patient to see the internal provider who does that treatment. I don't want to change the patient's primary provider in the Family File.

I thought we might be able to have an option in the treatment plan Settings to print the treatment plan provider on the treatment plan or have an option like the Default Provider for Clinical Note Signatures to use the provider at the top of the treatment plan when you choose to print?

  • Susie Nosbusch
  • Nov 17 2023
  • Needs review
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