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I have seen multiple requests for the Balance Forward on our statements to be be changed to something that makes more sense. PLEASE make our statements easier for the patients to read and for us to explain. Make it make sense! Every time we send out statements we have to field calls about the "Balance Forward" amount. When we called about this, the explanation was that it was the last amount billed out to insurance. This only makes patients more angry because it doesn't make sense to be labeled as the "Balance Forward". Our statements are confusing enough. Especially when an entire family comes to see us within a billing cycle. Thank you!

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  • Nov 1 2023
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  • Guest commented
    15 Nov 10:12pm

    Hi Stacy! The "Balance Forward" appears no matter what date you choose. :-(

  • Stacy Borucki commented
    7 Nov 04:08pm

    Hey! Just an idea, check your billing statement set up. Set it up how your office needs it set up and you can change your balance forward date in that same area at the top of the screen. You can change it to 3 months ago so they can see everything charged out in the last 3 months or however many months you want it to show.