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Changing provider incorrectly credited after payment posted and month closed

My dilemma:

  • A payment was posted to the wrong provider in 1/23. That month has been closed. It is only a $61 payment and it went to an old provider that has not been officially inactivated yet. That payment shows up on all sort of reports. Is there any way I can completely change the provider after the month has been closed? It's not an issue of offsetting adjustments, the patient's ledger is correct.

  • Thank you for patiently waiting. Apparently, there's no way for us to change the provider specially the payment has been moved to history, if you post an adjustment to offset it, it will always reflect in the reports and in the patient's ledger. I apologize, I would suggest you send an enhancement request to our website at to include an option to still modify some information on transactions that were moved to history.

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  • Aug 17 2023
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